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PALS (Partners Are Learning Supporters) is a support group open to the wives and significant others of all members and newcomers to the Chi Chapter. We are continuing to learn and understand our CD partners and we recognize that it is an on-going process that benefits from support to each other – past friends and newcomers.

P – Partners: We are spouses, fiancés, girl/boy friends of Chi Chapter members and newcomers to the group.

A – Are

L – Learning: We are learning about our partner, about cross-dressing, about transgender issues, and about ourselves.

S – Supporters: We support each other as we discuss issues and concerns and we learn to support our partner.

The format for the PALS meeting is conversation in a supportive environment. It is held in a separate area of the hotel from the regular Chi Chapter meeting so that our members feel free to come to our group and share transgender issues in confidence. That is one key element of our meetings – our discussions are NOT to be shared outside of our meetings. We meet at 7PM in a meeting room assigned by the hotel but at the same DoubleTree Hotel in Oak Brook, Illinois.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please contact Chi Chapter and they will help you contact PALS.